Friday, 24 July 2009

Chosen by PC & Kristin Cast

Book three in the House of Night series sees enemies become friends and friends become possible enemies. Zoey Redbird continues to struggle, torn between two boys and a man who intrigues her. Secrets threaten to tear apart her friendships and the only person she can trust fully is the one who was once her enemy.

Zoey finds that Aphrodite has been chosen by Nyx to represent the earth, in absence of Steve Rae. Aphrodite is also the only other fledgling whose mind High Priestess Neferet can’t read, which makes her the only one she can tell about Stevie Rae. Everybody thinks Stevie Rae died, but she’s back, along with all of the other fledglings that had passed away. These fledglings are more of the stereotypical vampyres of lore; have to drink blood and kill to do it, can’t go into the sunlight, and truly soulless. Aphrodite reluctantly helps Zoey with Stevie Rae, getting her blood and shelter and ultimately trying to help restore her soul. They are the only two who know that Neferet is not what she seems.

To complicate matters even more, one of their professors is murdered and left outside the school walls with a note about repenting. All signs point to the People of the Faith, the church that Zoey’s stepfather belongs to. The death of the vampyre causes the Sons of Erebus, great vampyre protectors, to be called in; complicating Zoey’s ability to sneak in and out of the school to help Stevie Rae.

If that weren’t enough, Zoey is still torn between her human imprinted boyfriend, Heath, and her fledgling boyfriend, Erik. Loren Blake, professor and Poet Laureate, is also drawing closer to her. She has no idea who to choose and failing to do so brings complications with all three.

This whole book you can truly feel Zoey’s conflicts all coming to a head. Then men, the secrets, the pressure; all of those are weighing down on her. I spent the entire book just begging her to confide in Damian and the Twins, knowing that the longer she waited the worse things would be. Zoey may be a powerful future high priestess but she’s still a kid and she makes big mistakes. Being so powerful often means going it alone. Will Zoey have to do that? The next book will shed some light!


rameau said...

You are a crafty reviewer, aren't you. Saying so much but revealing so little.

I just finished reading this book (guess how I spent my weekend?) and I'm not sure what to think. What happened in this book was obviously a necessary step on Zoey's path towards whatever she's drifting to, but I can't help wishing the authors would have chosen another route. I'm not simply talking about Zoey not confiding in her friends nor about her endless boy-man troubles, I'm talking about how clean the ending and the situation Zoey found herself in was.

Sure it looks bad on all fronts but it could have been worse and I'm just grumpy that they killed of a character right after said character became truly interesting. You know me, the darker and the badder it gets the more I adore it (I really wish there were a better word to replace it but gender neutrality is an issue with unspoiled readers).

I'll have to see where the next book takes me.

Nolebucgrl said...

Yes, they took one character away but they're going to add another who I find quite intriguing soon. As will Zoey. hehe I think there's a rule that there has to be 3 men for Zoey at all times or something.

I'm doing my best not to spoil the major things but of course every time I write about a the next book more and more is revealed. I'm still quite intrigued about the red vamps and wondering just what is going to happen with them two books later.

Today I got a sneak peak at the 6th book coming out in October and I'm really interested in where they're going to go with Stevie Rae. Things could be looking up!