What is the SBC?

The Supernatural Book Club started out in July 2009 as an on-line book review site with three book fans who loved to read and discuss paranormal books.

In September 2010 a bunch of us who had been trading books and talking about the supernatural books we'd been reading for more then a year decided to make it official. Using this website, The Supernatural Book Club became an actual book club that meets once a month to pick a book to read and discuss the book we read the previous month.

Since we're part of both a "real life" community and an on-line community we encourage anyone who wants to to read along with us, the current book we're reading always appears on the right side of the site under (amazingly enough) "Currently reading", and make sure to share your comments when the review is posted at the end of the month!

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Lacee said...

Hahaha, this is so amazing - me and a group of my friends do basically the exact same thing; we meet like every day (at school, during lunch) and basically discuss and swap books, but its nothing official. LOL