Saturday, 1 August 2009

Untamed by PC & Kristin Cast

The fourth book in the House of Night series sees Zoey abandoned by her friends and her loves. After Damian and the twins found out about Zoey’s secret relationship with Loren and her keeping Stevie Rae’s being alive away from them; they pulled away from her. Erik dumped her for cheating on him and left the House of Night as a newly changed vampyre. Her blood bond with Heath was broken through her imprint with Loren and he, too, is out of her life.

Fortunately for Zoey, she still has the unlikeliest of friends in Aphrodite. She returns to the House of Night, appearing to be the same fledgling she’s always been but there’s been a change. She’s no longer a fledgling at all. She gave up her earth affinity and her vampyre characteristics when Stevie Rae bit her. She’s now a human, albeit a human with the gift of premonition and the love of Nyx on her side. She and Stevie Rae meet with Zoey and tell her about a terrible vision that Aphrodite has. She’s had two visions of Zoey’s death; one at the hands of Neferet and the other by a strange raven-like creature. Zoey’s death will plunge the world into war, humans vs. vampyres, and it must be stopped at all costs.

Neferet is intent on said war, she’s called in The Sons of Erebus, skilled vampyre warriors, to protect the school from the humans she claims murdered two professors. She’s also arranged for a new student to transfer to the school from the Chicago branch of the House of Night. His name is James Stark and he’s the most skilled archer in all of the world. Whatever he aims at, he hits. Zoey & James are introduced and seem to have a bit of chemistry before he is consumed by fits of coughing and he succumbs to death. But death is not ever permanent at this House of Night and Zoey knows that she needs to be there when Stark awakens. If Neferet gets her hands on him, who knows what would happen?

In order to face Neferet, Zoey is going to need all of her friends. Fortunately Aphrodite is on her side and she’s more than willing to tell Damian, Erin and Shaunee why Zoey had to keep secrets from them. Once they understand the threat to Zoey, they all band back together to try face the worst darkness yet. Aphrodite foresees a new prophecy about an evil queen and the rise of a fallen angel, Kolona. With the help of Stevie Rae and the red fledglings, Zoey’s grandmother and even a Catholic nun, can Zoey and her friends keep a powerful evil from being unleashed on the world? Read and find out!


rameau said...

I've read this book but not the one following it. To my surprise I have very little to say about anything that happened here, except maybe that Aphrodite is now officially my favourite character in the books aside from Nala and Maleficent. The cat's clearly have the best personalities.

I don't know what exactly I was expecting from the books but I don't think this fast phase was one of them. Two books a year but only months if not days have passed between the events in the books. I think I preferred Harry Potter in the sense that Rowling took her time developing the uber villain and letting his fame grow all the while providing Harry new challenges and feats. And though all may not share my opinion, it is that Rowling failed in her final book only slightly less than Meyer. Rowling at least gave us the battle which is more than Meyer did.

All this makes me wary with this series. If hell on earth is reached in so few books and in such short of time within the universe, where does it leave the characters who presumably have still few years of schooling to finish?

I guess I should read on to find out.

Hey Lady! said...

OH! Sounds exciting. I find that I like your reviews of these books better then the book I read. I think for now I'll just read your reviews and live vicariously through you...

Anonymous said...

I admit, it does move fast and I would have preferred more time between events as well, but at least what is happening is interesting. To me anyway!

I love Aphrodite, which surprised the hell out of me. She tells it like it is, doesn't apologize for doing so and just makes the most sense of all the characters out there. I love the evolution of her relationship with Zoey.