Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Top 6 Supernatural and Fantasy Television shows V.2

While we all love reading, occasionally we have to give our eyes and minds a break and watch some television! What paranormal shows are the members of the Supernatural Book Club watching? We did a recent poll to find out.

There was SO MUCH debate about about our number 4 show that I had to give it it's own post, just to have enough space!

4. True Blood
- This show was really a mixed bag for us. There are several members who LOVE this show, as in "best show on television", and there are o
thers who HATE it, as in find it horrid and disgusting. I thought it would be great to have a couple of member give their side, in their own words:

Why I love TrueBlood, by Anna:
I love vampires, so that's a given, but TB has the unique quality of being both action-packed, fantasy-driven with a healthy amount of traditional soap opera drama thrown in for good measure. The over-the-top sex doesn't hurt either, and though some might find it sensational or vulgar, that's exactly what it's meant to be. The True Fans of True Blood understand that when it comes to vampires, sex and intimacy isn't all puppies, kittens and cuddling like Stephenie Meyer would want us to believe. I find her portrayal of vampire intimacy to be, well, underwhelming and stupid. Alan Ball shows vampires how they truly are : hedonistic extremists who no longer live by the moral and cultural barriers that govern the human race. And yes, there are some resulting plot elements and sex/violence scenes that therefore make us, the viewer, uncomfortable - or excited - or shocked - or simply entertained. Because at the end of the day, all TV shows are about 1 thing - entertainment & ratings. And it's a testament to True Blood that it occupies the #1 spot on Sunday prime-time TV with 5.5 million viewers on a PAY channel.

TrueBlood is horrible. By TornSack:
As a connoisseur of supernatural television, I have to say, True Blood is horrible. Rather than rant and rave (as I usually do) about the myriad of things that make True Blood absolute trash, I'm going to conduct a little television critique experiment with you. What I need from you is simple; all you have to do is put True Blood out of your mind while you read the rest of this review, and honestly answer the questions I pose with either a yes or a no. Ready? Great, here we go.

I saw this new show, it's really cool, in this one episode, this guy takes some drugs, and he get's a raging hard-on. It's pretty awesome, he's got a boner, and it won't go away. He beats-off 3 or 4 times, but only succeeds at the beating part, nothing goes "off," if you catch my drift ;). Feeling like a boner for abusing his boner, the guy cries to some of his friends about how he punched himself in the dick so much that his crotch turned all black and blue. Then he shows his one-eyed monster to this chick who wants to bang him; she nearly pukes at the sight (and smell?) of the thing and convinces him to go to the ER where a doctor drains the blood from the guy's dick to relieve his awesome drug-dong of it's RAGE!!! Is this a show you'd like to watch?

Oh my goodness, I love this show sooo much, you HAVE to check it out! In this one episode, these awesome people, they trick these other people into having an orgy, but then one set of people totally torture and brutally murder the other people. First they molest and bite the throat out of the female (and make her husband watch), then they taunt the man over his dying wife's body before they break his neck. But that's not even the best part! As the woman lies bleeding to death, the two murders, they totally make the sexy time right in the middle of the pool of blood and on top of the dead bodies! It's sooooo awesome! Is this a show you'd like to watch?

This show is off-the-chain! You gotta watch it! It's got this fresh and original plot line in season 3. It starts out with this crazy-eyed guy rescuing this chick from a couple cracked out hillbillies who are trying to rape and kill her. To repay the knight in shining armor for saving her, the damsel in distress makes freaky-deaky-squeel-like-a-pig "love" to him. The next day, ol' crazy-eyes brainwashes the damsel and kidnaps her to Mississippi where they rent a room in Castle Gay Skull (the gaudy residence of the King of Mississippi). There, the knight ties his damsel to the bed, and proceeds to beat and rape her for several episodes. Finally the damsel escapes, smacks the knight upside the head with a mace, and his HEAD A SPLODE! But he's not dead, so it's cool. Is this a show you'd like to watch?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you should be ashamed of yourself (at least a little). True Blood is not good TV, it's just blood, guts, and porn. For some reason people think that because it's on HBO, or because they talk about it on E!, that it's not porn. Well sorry to burst your bubble, but True Blood is PORN, and as porn goes, it's not even good porn, and worse than that, it's on the more gruesome and disturbing end of the porn spectrum.

So keep this in mind the next time you come to my house and ask to watch True Blood on my HBO, it's no different than asking to watch some porn on my pay-per-view.


Braine said...

I'm a fan of TB but your comment about how horrible it is is funny. It does sound bad if you look at it that way. I guess the reason why it's so popular is because their casting director did an amazing job plus sex always sells. I'm looking forward to finding out what number 1 is

Hey Lady! said...

Braine- I agree with you about some of the casting, the guy they got to play Jason is perfect. He's just how I imagined Jason from the book.

I can't hate TrueBlood as much as "TornSack" does because I love the books so much. I keep watching in hopes that something resembling the books will appear.

Anna said...

i can't argue with "TornSack" too much, he's right. The show takes cultural taboo's like drugs & sex, crime & cruelty to the edge. But that's why it's called "fantasy entertainment" not "reality", after all.

Mrs. Juicebox said...

This is one of the most entertaining blog posts I have read in a time as long as Jason's interminable boner!!! The chain is on the other side of the street from this post - kudos to TornSack and Anna for creating it:)