Thursday, 3 March 2011

Horror and Urban Fantasy reading Challenge 2011

I'm finding all sorts of fun stuff to do! I saw this challenge and knew it was something I wanted to do. Click on the banner on the right side of this blog to join! Then all you have to do is read 24 horror or urban fantasy books before the end of December! (Since I didn't know, here is the definition of "urban fantasy": Urban fantasy is a sub-genre of fantasy defined by place; the fantastic narrative has an urban setting. Many urban fantasies are set in contemporary times and contain supernatural elements. However, the stories can take place in historical, modern, or futuristic periods. The prerequisite is that they must be primarily set in a city.) Most of the books we read here are probably considered urban fantasy.


TheBookAddictedGirl said...

I'm taking part in this challenge too - awesome, isn't it?!
I didn't really notice covers until I actually started looking. But, yes, Halo's cover is absolutely beautiful, and I have to say the writing is too!
I'm getting The Highgate Vampire as soon as I can, and I'll let you know when I do! :)

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

Oops, just saw your second post!
You HAVE to read the rest of the Vampire Academy series: they're brilliant. The Alchemists were a brilliant idea and a real twist! So, yes, you have to read on - they get better!

Hey Lady! said...

It's awesome to have a "challenge" that really isn't a challenge! It's something we'd do anyway, right? I'm really enjoying reading the other reviews and the discussion the challenge has sparked!

Thanks for stopping by! I'll get back into Vampire Academy soon, hopefully!

Eesti said...

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